5 in 10: Hans Boersma

Today the fellows enjoyed class with Dr. Hans Boersma, who teaches at Regent College (Vancouver, B.C.) and is a newly appointed professor at Nashotah House Theological Seminary. Hans is a regular visitor to Waco, and a good friend who also serves on the advisory board of Brazos Fellows. This past Saturday, he presented at the first annual colloquium of the Institute for the Renewal of Christian Catechesis, speaking on “catechesis as mystagogy,” or initiation into the sacred mysteries. (Keep your eyes peeled for his lectures when they are made available–and be sure to check out the other great resources on the IRCC website!)

In class today, Hans taught the fellows about nouvelle théologie (a 20th-century Catholic theological movement), and Vatican II, especially “Lumen Gentium,” or the dogmatic constitution of the church.

I sat down with Hans for another round of “Five Questions in Ten Minutes.” We talked about the role of tradition in the Christian life, twentieth-century Catholic theology, and the problem with universalism–among many other things. You can listen to our conversation here:

Here are links to the items and books we touched on: