5 in 10: Christina Lambert

Today our class had the privilege of discussing Alexander Schmemann’s For the Life of the World, a wonderful 20th c. work of theology, with Christina Lambert. Christina just defended her M.A. thesis at Baylor on Wendell Berry and ecocriticism, and she’s beginning the Ph.D. in Literature at Baylor this Fall. The fellows had a great time with Christina discussing Schmemann’s sacramental theology, his close reading of the Eucharistic liturgy, and the way in which he helps us recognize the cosmic significance of what we’re up to in our Christian worship.


Christina and I had the chance to sit down for “Five Questions in Ten Minutes,” and we covered some great ground–imaginary marriages, French feminists, snake handling–and some surprising topics, too. Listen to our conversation here:

Here’s a list of the things we talked about: