Stories from Year One

A few weeks ago, the Brazos Fellows community gathered together over lunch to share stories from year one of the fellowship. It was wonderful to hear several of the fellows and tutors reflect on our year together: new ways of thinking about and practicing prayer, deeper understandings of our identity in Christ, and the value of studying in a community that practices spiritual disciplines.


As we get closer to the end of our first year–only one month remains!–it’s a great joy to hear stories of the transformation that has taken place. If you’d like to get a glimpse of what we’ve been up to, you can watch the stories below. To get things kicked off, here’s my introduction:

“In prayer we never begin the conversation, but are always responding to the God who initiates it.” Emma Sloan reflects on how our study has transformed how she thinks about what prayer is and why we do it:

How do we learn to hear from God? Kelsey Collister shares some key moments–and her own poetry!–from this year of prayerful study:

What does it mean to discern our vocation? How might our work change if our identity were more deeply rooted in Christ? Jess Schurz reflects on what this year has meant for her own vocational discernment:

How should theological study go hand-in-hand with prayer? What might it look like to return academic theology to its original home—the church? Alex Fogleman, Brazos Fellows tutor, speaks on these questions:

Each Brazos Fellow is paired with a tutor who helps them press into their own theological and personal questions. Ryan Butler reflects on the value of tutoring and what this has meant for him throughout the year: