5 in 10: Fr. Lee Nelson

This morning the fellows had the chance to discuss a great book by Baylor professor, and Brazos Fellows guest instructor, Alan Jacobs: The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography. Dr. Jacobs traces the creation and evolution of the book which centers Anglican worship, and, indeed, Anglican theology. Our discussion was led by Fr. Lee Nelson, rector of Christ Church Waco, who helped us understand the remarkable vision of English Reformer Thomas Cranmer. For Cranmer, the aim of the prayer book was that as the whole church participated in the liturgy and prayed the daily office, we would be transformed by Christ.


Fr. Lee and I also kicked off season two of “Five Questions in Ten Minutes,” with several new questions and lots to talk about–from great books to Russian composers to the ideal dinner guest. Listen to our conversation here:

Here are links to various items we talked about:


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