Oh Taste and See that the Lord is Good: On Beer and Beatitude

This year, Brazos Fellows is partnering with Pinewood Pub on a series called “Tipsy Orthodoxy.” It’s a simple premise: in-depth theological discussion, in public, while drinking good beer. So far the series has been quite a bit of fun, with conversations on theological readings of Leviticus, Bonaventure’s arguments from ideas about God, and, most recently, our own Fr. Nicholas Krause on Augustine’s political theology.

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We’re excited to announce that the next Tipsy Orthodoxy will feature philosophy professor Tom Ward presenting “Oh Taste and See that the Lord is Good: On Beer and Beatitude.” Here’s what we’ll discuss with Dr. Ward:

‘Good’ is our most general term of approbation. But the goodness of beer is not altogether the same as the goodness of bourbon, and the goodness of neither is the same as the goodness of gin. The Tipsy Orthodox relish these varieties of goodness while recognizing the profound unity of goodness amidst its creaturely diversity. Indeed, the goodness of all good things is a sort of participation in the one Goodness which is God. Recognizing this intimate connection between each and every good thing and the Good can help us order the whole of our lives toward the beatifying love of God to which we are all called. In this talk we will explore the relations between creaturely and divine goodness, drawing on some neglected patristic and medieval resources.

If that sounds interesting, we invite you out to Pinewood on Tuesday, Feb. 18 from 7:00-8:30pm. If you can’t join, the good news is you can get a window into Dr. Ward’s work on this episode of Five Questions in Ten Minutes.