5 in 10: Tommy Kidd

This morning the Brazos Fellows started a new unit titled “Christianity and Modernity: Evangelicalism,” the first in a series of units in our class that help us understand how Christians responded in various ways to the questions and challenges posed by the modern era. We were joined by Dr. Tommy Kidd–my Doktorvater and an expert on early evangelical history. Dr. Kidd writes on American history, including books on religion in the American Revolution, a history of The Great Awakening, and, most recently, Who is an Evangelical? The History of a Movement in CrisisWe had a great time discussing a number of questions surrounding early evangelicalism: how much of a role did celebrity play in these revivals? What in early evangelical spirituality was traditional and what was new? How did early evangelicals relate to the church–and how did they approach questions of Christian unity?


Tommy and I sat down for a round of “Five Questions in Ten Minutes,” and covered all sorts of topics: his favorite C.S. Lewis work, the merits of Texas BBQ (including several recommendations), the artist he keeps returning to, and some of the scholars whom ordinary Christians would benefit from reading. Listen to our conversation here:

Here are links to a number of items we talked about: