5 in 10: Andrea Turpin

Studying theology during a time of pandemic? You better believe it! This morning the Brazos Fellows met virtually to continue our discussion of how Protestants responded in various ways to the new social and intellectual challenges posed by the modern world.

We were joined by Dr. Andrea Turpin, Associate Professor of History at Baylor. Dr. Turpin works on religious and intellectual history, the history of gender, and the history of higher education–her first book is titled A New Moral Vision: Gender, Religion, and the Changing Purposes of American Higher Education, 1837-1917Her current research explores the role of women in the Protestant fundamentalist-modernist battles of the early twentieth century. This morning, we had a great time with Dr. Turpin discussing this controversy and the questions it raises: what does it mean to be faithful to historic Christianity? How can we value both doctrinal truth and Christian unity in our churches?

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After class, Dr. Turpin and I recorded an episode of “Five Questions in Ten Minutes.” We talked about what the disciplines of history and theology can teach each other, the nineteenth-century woman who inspires her work, Billy Joel, The Good Place, and her favorite paragraph in C.S. Lewis’ Perelandra. Listen to our conversation here:

Here are links to a number of the items we talked about: