5 in 10: Allison Brown

Today the Brazos Fellows had the privilege of learning from Allison Brown in our Course of Study. Allison is a PhD student in the Religion Department at Baylor University, where she is studying church history–specifically, sixteenth-century resistance theory and gender. Today she led our exploration of the history of the formation of the New Testament canon, helping us grapple with the remarkable story of how the writings of the apostles came to be the Christian scriptures we read today. It was a fantastic discussion.

Allison and I also sat down for a round of “Five Questions in Ten Minutes.” We talked about all sorts of great reads–from Jane Austen, to Dorothy Sayers, to various books on the Reformation–as well as the thinkers who have most shaped her own life and work. Listen here:

Here are links to some of the items we talked about: