5 in 10: Fr. Nicholas Norman-Krause

Today the Brazos Fellows enjoyed class with Fr. Nicholas Norman-Krause, who led our discussion of St. Gregory of Nazianzus’s classic work, Five Theological Orations On God & Christ. Fr. Nicholas is Associate Priest for Campus Ministry at Christ Church, a Ph.D. candidate in Theology and Ethics at Baylor University, and a moral theologian who works on Christian social ethics, political theology, and economics. He serves on the advisory board of Brazos Fellows and is a frequent teacher in our Course of Study.

I sat down with Fr. Nicholas for “Five Questions in Ten Minutes,” and we talked about political theology, what Christians today might need to hear about politics from St. Augustine, the philosopher Stanley Cavell, some new books in theology and ethics that Fr. Nicholas is excited to read, and more. Listen to our conversation here:

Here are links to some of the items we talked about: