5 in 10: Brittany McComb

Last week, Brittany McComb, this year’s Brazos Fellows Scholar in Residence, led our Course of Study discussion of Cyril of Alexandria. Against the Nestorian heresy, the fifth-century patriarch Cyril defended the unity of Christ as one person in two natures. We had a lively discussion of the Christological controversies and Cyril’s theological account of how, in the Incarnation, Christ joins our nature to the divine.

Brittany holds the MA in Theology from Regent College (Vancouver, BC), and is a PhD candidate studying systematic theology at The Catholic University of America. She and I sat down for “Five Questions in Ten Minutes,” and talked about Augustine, Aquinas, Scotus and Anne Carson, why systematic theology gets a bad rap (and why it actually can open up creativity), the mystic-influenced poet she’s reading, and much more. Listen here:

Here are links to the various items Brittany mentioned: