Elizabeth Corey on “Learning, Justice, and Gift”

Over at Public Discourse, Dr. Elizabeth Corey reflects on learning, justice, and gift:

If people are more than wage-earners, then they must see that all of life is not about the practical activity of getting ahead. If they are more than political actors, then we must have education that is not expressly political. In other words, if we want to “do justice” to the total human condition, we must explore all the things that comprise the liberal arts: religion, philosophy, art, music, and literature.

It’s a great piece, and well-worth reading. Dr. Corey serves on the board of Brazos Fellows, as well as an erstwhile instructor in the fellows’ Course of Study. Here she highlights Brazos as one of several examples of the kind of education she’s talking about:

Other people are also developing similar ideas to promote liberal learning outside the university context, both large-scale online and small-scale local. One notable local initiative is taking place right now in Waco, Texas, where I live. Following in the tradition of other, more established fellows programs like John Jay and Falls Church, the three-year-old Brazos Fellows program at Christ Church is an intentional community of young people who gather for a year to study and pray in a traditional Anglican church setting. They read Augustine, Aquinas, George Herbert, Flannery O’Connor, Karl Barth, Tertullian, Athanasius, and many others. But the program is not “merely” academic: its aim is for each fellow to develop a rule of life that is also spiritual and embodied, in community with others.

Head over to Public Discourse to read the whole thing.