Doodles from Brazos Fellows Class

Editor: at the end of our year, enjoy this from Brazos Fellow Natalie Widdows.

Yesterday was the last day of Brazos Fellows class. Instead of a wordy reflection of how meaningful our classes have been for me, I offer a different glimpse into our classes together. Here are some doodles that Tiffany and I have drawn during our classes this year (and yes, we were paying attention during class.…. most of the time, at least)!

I sometimes reflected on our readings by sketching something related to the topic. I often did this by drawing the images on the front covers of our books. My sketch of Mary and the Christ-child is a personal favorite. 

And here are some of Tiffany’s lovely contributions: 

Finally, enjoy these random doodles of Chris and Paul:

Our last day of class was bittersweet, but my sadness over its end is but an indication of my gratitude for the good that it has been this year.