Stories from Year One

A few weeks ago, the Brazos Fellows community gathered together over lunch to share stories from year one of the fellowship. It was wonderful to hear several of the fellows and tutors reflect on our year together: new ways of thinking about and practicing prayer, deeper understandings of our identity in Christ, and the value of studying in a community that practices spiritual disciplines.


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5 in 10: Bruce Hindmarsh

IMG_2828This week the Brazos Fellows had the chance to discuss Jonathan Edwards with Bruce Hindmarsh. Bruce and his wife Carolyn were visiting from Regent College (Vancouver, BC), where he teaches the history of Christian spirituality and she teaches koine Greek. Together we read Edwards’ Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God, a classic text that gives insight into the religious awakenings of the eighteenth century and the beginnings of the evangelical movement. It’s also a work that helps us as we wrestle with discernment, as we ask questions like, “Is this God at work here?”

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On Poetry and Place

Editor’s note: we’re glad to share another guest post by a Brazos Fellow, this one written by Jess Schurz.

My love for poetry disappeared when I came to college. I could never quite slow down enough to enjoy it. Poetry demanded a pause of sorts – decidedly unhurried time to contemplate, re-read, and re-read again. This discipline, however, proved incompatible with my college pursuits. College was a time, I convinced myself, to maximize every opportunity.


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Apply now for the 2019-2020 cohort

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications to the 2019-2020 cohort! Brazos Fellows invites college graduates to apply to this nine-month, part-time program centered on theological training, spiritual disciplines, vocational discernment, and life together.

If you or someone you know wants to learn more about Brazos Fellows, our program prospectus can be downloaded here (for high-resolution viewing) and here (for emailing). We would also be glad to mail you the prospectus–email your address to director (at)

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Discerning our vocations

One week ago, Brazos Fellows officially launched! In spite of Paige and I both battling illness, it’s been a great beginning to our year–from Saturday afternoon’s historical tour of Waco, to Sunday morning’s commissioning of the fellows at Christ Church, to a wonderful welcome dinner with our tutors, instructors, and board members. You can find photos from our weekend here.

We’re grateful for each one of our fellows, who have come from all around the world to Waco in order to study, work, and pray together. Our fellows represent a variety of backgrounds, gifts, and interests, and we pray that over these nine months each of them will grow in their sense of God’s call on their lives. It’s one of the things they’ve committed to do–take the time to explore who they are and what God is calling them to.

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The Question of Calling

Over at Living Church, Paige has a great piece on the question of calling. Paige explains why sorting through our vocation can be so difficult, in part because of the questionable theological assumptions we bring to this question. One of these assumptions is that God’s will mostly has to do with the big decisions of life–who we will marry, or what job we will choose. But she argues that this isn’t quite right:

When we look for references to the will of God in the Bible, we find that they are largely about following his commands. God’s will is that we would obey what he has already revealed to us. … God’s will has more to do with faithfulness in our everyday lives than it does with figuring out the big decisions. For those of us who have long struggled to discern God’s will, this is good news!

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